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Safety and efficacy of a cell-based Reovirus vaccine. Two groups of mice (for each cell line) were inoculated with a tumourigenic dose of cells. The first group of C57BL/6J mice had previously received a cell-based Reovirus vaccine 8–12 weeks prior to challenge (either B16F10 vaccine or LLC vaccine Cited by: 4.

Treatment with reovirus resulted in potent antitumor activity, when compared to controls, in ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro highlighted by increased reovirus protein synthesis in tumor cell lines but not in normal cells, in a human ovarian SKOV3 cell line implanted in the flanks of mice in vivo, and in a murine ascites model of human ovarian cancer highlighted by prolonged survival in those Cited by:   Hashiro et al first observed early connections with reovirus and its oncolytic properties, and found that certain tumor cells and spontaneously transformed cell lines (human and murine) have preferential susceptibility toward the cytotoxic effects of reovirus.

38 It was also noted that simian virus (SV)-transformed human embryonic lung cells (WI cells) had increased sensitivity to reovirus Cited by:   DNA fiber autoradiography was used to analyze the spatial and temporal organization of activated initiation sites for DNA replication in mouse L cells infected with reovirus type 3 (Dearing strain) and in uninfected control cells.

Cells were labeled for 10 min with3H-thymidine at high specific activity followed by 3 h of low specific activity by: 3. Furthermore the control HsBst normal mammary gland epithelial cell line used in the study did not show any cytopathic effect (CPE) to the virus confirming the fact that reovirus preferentially targets the transformed cells sparing the normal ones.

Contemporary studies with melanoma cell lines and primary cultures from fresh resected tumors revealed similar by:   The oncolytic effects of reovirus in canine solid tumor cell lines Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 77(5) January with Reads How we measure 'reads'.

Effect of immune suppression on reovirus treatment of metastatic tumors in immunocompetent mice. C57BL mice were immunized with reovirus two weeks before the experiment.

At day 0, Lewis lung carcinoma cells were inoculated intravenously to colonize the by: 1. Maintain Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) in DMEM/F12 with l-glutamine supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum at 37°C, 5% CO 2 in a humidified incubator.

Passage cells at no more than 80% confluence. Seed out × 10 5 cells per cm 2 flask and culture for 2–3 days before nucleofection. Collect medium containing nonadherent cells into a sterile centrifuge tube. conducted by Sei et al investigated effects of reovirus on the Lewis lung cell line book in vitro combination effects of reovirus with a variety of chemotherapeutic agents (cisplatin, gemcitabine, vinblastine, and paclitaxel) against human non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells.[25] Additionally, strong synergistic effects were observed only in those cell Author: Bindhu Jayaprakash, Sivapriya Veeraiyan, Silambarasan Gunaseelan, Yasodha Purushothaman.

Lewis lung carcinoma is a tumor that spontaneously developed as an epidermoid carcinoma in the lung of a C57BL mouse. It was discovered in by Dr. Margaret Lewis of the Wistar Institute and became one of the first transplantable tumors. This cell-based Reovirus vaccine was also investigated as a therapeutic vaccine in the murine models B16F10 and Lewis Lung Carcinoma (LLC).

Immune responses were also explored as the role of the immune system becomes ever more important in the effective treatment of cancer [ 23 ].Cited by: 4. On the other hand, efficient tumor cell death was observed following infection with reovirus alone in H and Mewo cells (Fig.

1C, D), as previously reported (Terasawa et al., ).No apparent elevation in the cell killing efficiencies was found by reoplex, compared with reovirus alone, although the viabilities of Mewo cells were slightly but significantly reduced when reovirus was mixed Cited by: 3.

To directly test whether caspases are required for reovirus killing of NSCLC cells, we assessed the effect of the pan-caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK (Z-VAD) on reovirus cell killing.

Each lung cancer cell line was infected with rsT1L or rsT3D at an MOI of PFU/cell in the absence or presence of 25 μM Z-VAD and ATP content was measured at 48 h Cited by: 6. The effect of reovirus alone also caused a degree of apoptotic death in this cell line (Figure 5a and 5B).

Figure 5 Enhanced apoptotic cell death of PC3 cells treated with reovirus and docetaxel in by: Reovirus is a naturally occurring oncolytic virus currently in early clinical trials.

However, the rapid induction of neutralizing antibodies represents a major obstacle to succesCited by: Clinical trials are research studies that involve people.

The clinical trials on this list are studying Wild-type Reovirus. All trials on the list are supported by NCI. NCI’s basic information about clinical trials explains the types and phases of trials and how they are carried out.

Clinical trials look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. Effects of reovirus on murine DC in vitro.

Unlike human DC, 27 and despite their normal ras status, both murine iDC and, though to a lesser extent, mDC (note difference in y axis scale), consistently supported reovirus replication (Figure 2a), whereas T cells did not (data not shown).Cited by: The heterogeneity of human cancers is a major obstacle to developing therapies.

One way of dealing with that heterogeneity is to test large numbers of patient-derived cell lines for common vulnerabilities.

For one such study, RAS Initiative researchers constructed GFP-labeled derivatives of dozens of cell lines that express mutant KRAS. Although reovirus alone demonstrated potent cytotoxicity in 7 of 9 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell lines in vitro, heterogenous synergistic effects on cell killing were observed with reovirus in combination with cisplatin, gemcitabine, or vinblastine on NSCLC cancer cell lines in by: Avian reoviruses belong to the Orthoreovirus genus of the Reoviridae, which have a genome consisting of 10 double-stranded RNA fragments.

Avian reovirus infections can cause tenosynovitis and other diseases in chickens, or result in a subclinical infection. Methods. The effects of reovirus and chemotherapy on in vitro cytotoxicity were investigated in PC3 and Du cells and the interactions between agents were assessed by combination index analysis.

An Annexin V/propidium iodide fluorescence-activated cell sorting-based assay was used to determine mode of cell Cited by: Effects of rSFV-EGFP treatment on tumour growth in vivo. (a and b) Ha cells () were injected subcutaneously into Balb/c nu/nu mice.

On reaching diameters of 4 mm (approximately days. Cancer cell culture. Lewis lung carcinoma cell line (3LL) was obtained from National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation (Osaka, Japan) and maintained in RPMI medium supplemented with glutamine (2 mM), penicillin ( U/mL), streptomycin ( μ g/mL), and 10% (v/v) heat-inactivated FBS (Thermo Fisher, Waltham, MA, USA).

by: 8. Most people have been exposed to reovirus by adulthood; however, the infection does not typically produce symptoms. Reovirus was noted to be a potential cancer therapeutic when early studies on reovirus suggested it reproduces well in certain cancer cell lines.

Hashiro et al first observed early connections with reovirus and its oncolytic properties, and found that certain tumor cells and spontaneously transformed cell lines (human and murine) have preferential susceptibility toward the cytotoxic effects of reovirus.

38 It was also noted that simian virus (SV)-transformed human embryonic lung cells. The combination produced no increase in toxicity towards normal tissue. In vitro studies show that radiation and angiostatin have combined cytotoxic effects on endothelial cells, but not tumour by: Reoviridae is a family of have a wide host range, including vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, protists and fungi.

They lack lipid envelopes and package their genomes of discrete double-stranded segments of RNA within multi-layered of a lipid envelope has allowed three-dimensional structures of these large complex viruses (diameter,∼60– nm) to be obtained (unranked): Virus. The major mechanism of reovirus oncolysis of cancer cells has been shown to occur through apoptosis.

In addition, the synergistic anti-tumour effects of reovirus in combination with radiation or chemotherapy has also been demonstrated for reovirus Cited by: Books at Amazon. The Books homepage helps you explore Earth's Biggest Bookstore without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

Here you'll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, Kindle eBooks, Audible audiobooks, and so much more. Reoviruses are successfully being used in clinical trials to treat patients with cancer.

Not only does the virus cause cancer cells to die, it also forces them to release pro-inflammatory. ATCC# CLR Cell line established from the lung of a C57BL mouse bearing a tumor resulting from an implantation of primary Lewis lung carcinoma. The cells are resistant to 1,3-bis-(2-chloroethyl)nitrosourea, but are sensitive to methotrexate.

The cells are reported to be highly tumorigenic, but weakly metastatic in mice. Murine Lewis Lung Carcinoma cells (LLC or LL/2-luc-M38 Bioware Cell Line) stably transfected with luciferase gene were purchased from Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

(Teralfene, Belgium). The HeLa cell line, which was the first to achieve immortality, is the most widely used cell line in the world. Researchers have used it in biomedical research for numerous : Nick Mulcahy. Clearance from reovirus from the lung was significantly inhibited at concentrations of ≥ mg/kg bw, no effects were observed at mg/kg bw (Li et al., b).

The present document has been. Reovirus and TRAIL induce similar amounts of apoptosis in human cancer cells. It has been reported that reovirus can infect and kill cancer cells Cited by: The purpose of this study was to define the activity of CpG-ODN in increasing radiosensitivity of the human non–small cell lung cancer cell line A in vitro.

First, a dose- and time-dependent inhibitory effect on cell viability was observed after A cells were treated with different concentrations of CpG-ODN (5, 10, 30, and 60 μg Cited by:   Stem cell therapy has revolutionized modern clinical therapy with the potential of stem cells to differentiate into many different cell types which may help to replace different cell lines of an organism.

Innumerous trials are carried out to merge new scientific knowledge and techniques with traditional herbal extracts that may result in less toxic, affordable, and highly available natural Cited by:   Reovirus Serotype 3 - Dearing Strain (REOLYSIN®) is a naturally occurring, ubiquitous, non-enveloped human reovirus.

Reovirus has been shown to replicate selectively in Ras-transformed cells causing cell lysis. Activating mutations in ras or mutation in oncogenes signaling through the ras pathway may occur in as many as 80% of human tumors.

Overexpression of ERBB2 in the BR breast cancer cell line had no effect on the number of micrometastases per brain section, but increased the Cited by: In this study, we assessed the effects of TNF-α and IL-1β on iron metabolism with a cell line with properties of type 2 alveolar epithelial cells (A) exposed to non-transferrin-bound (NTBI; FeSO 4) or transferrin-bound (TBI) iron.

In addition, we assessed the cytotoxicity of these exposures by measuring the cell accumulation of Cited by:. We have studied the effects of reovirus infection on the spatial and temporal organization of DNA replication in mouse L cells using DNA fiber autoradiogra­ phy in combination with sampling procedures and statistical tests which can resolve the replication process in .Why iv line not pass upper limb in carcinoma lung?

Unanswered Questions What is the particular type of processor model and operating system on which a computer is based called.Request PDF | Reovirus as an Oncolytic Agent | As the incidence of cancer continues to escalate, the demand for alternative anticancer therapeutics increases. The use of viruses in cancer.

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